Get your phreak on

23-25th November 2023

Haere-roa centre
Christchurch, New Zealand


Interested in supporting CHCon 2024? There are lots of ways to get involved! Visit our sponsorship page for more details, or email us to discuss other opportunities.

Important dates

29th March - Sponsorship opens
1st April - Call for training
1st April - Call for presentations
15th July - Training tickets on sale
31st July - Conference tickets on sale

19th-20th November - Training
21st-23rd November - Conference

CHCon 2023 Highlights

CHCon 2023 has terminated... but don't worry, we've got all the highlights up on our YouTube channel! If you weren't able to join us last year (or you're just super excited and can't wait until CHCon 2024!) then go check it out.